Slint foi uma banda de post-rock/math-rock de Louisville, Kentucky, formada em 1986 por remanescentes do Squirrel Bait. Embora tenham acabado por volta de 1991, influenciou muito o post-rock, especificamente o álbum Spiderland (1991) é considerado um clássico e precursor do estilo. A banda era formada por Brian McMahan (guitarra e vocais), David Pajo (guitarra), Todd Brashear (baixo) e Britt Walford (bateria).

Tweez (1989)

1 - Ron
2 - Nan Ding
3 - Carol
4 - Kent
5 - Charlotte
6 - Darlene
7 - Warren
8 - Pat
9 - Rhoda

Spiderland (1991)

1 - Breadcrumb Trail
2 - Nosferatu Man
3 - Don, Aman
4 - Washer
5 - For Dinner...
6 - Good Morning Captain


  1. Much appreciated! I have Spiderland on vinyl, but never listened to Tweez on account of people not being particularly positive about it. I guess I'm about to find out!!

  2. If you like Slint then check out Solution Unknown. Pajo and Brashears band before this one.
    The Louisville scene was a very energetic scene at that time, half the people were in more that one band it seems. The book Slamdek A-Z is a good book to check out too to see who played in what.


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